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The Elder of Ziyon (EoZ) - "Apartheid Week"

Is Israel an apartheid state? See EoZ posters for "Apartheid Week".

The Elder of Ziyon (EoZ).

The Druze are Arabs practising an off-shoot of Islam. From the beginning of the State of Israel, they have fullly participated in the Army and Government.

There's another poster that could have been created of a young Beduin man that managed to get a Masters degree and is working in the Foreign Office. His name is Ishmael Khaldi and he's written A Shepherd's Journey. The Beduin have been illiterate nomads forever but are now living in villages in the south and north of Israel. They also volunteer in the Israeli army; not surprisingly, they are excellent trackers.

Besides all of these outstanding people portrayed are the hundreds of thousands who have obtained professional degrees in Israeli universities and the ordinary citizens who live their lives peacefully within Israel.

Something I don't agree with is the Arabs have their own school system and own curriculum, which does not include a requirement to learn Hebrew, and can be to their detriment in finding work and understanding the greater culture of which they're a part of. But that's voluntary and not apartheid.

They're also moving into Jewish towns and cities such as Be'er Sheva and Upper Nazareth by the thousands. They've always been part of Haifa and Jerusalem. A co-operative farm in the Galillee refused membership to the first Arab family to apply because it's a homogeneous community and has the right to accept or refuse membership to any future member, but their decision was recently overturned by an Israeli court. Some apartheid, eh.

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Whose side are you on?

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